addon for KubeSolver

Here i have made a addon for Kubesolver. This is the first release for you all to check it out. Still have to do a few things to make all the commands work for now the init_to_current_state is not working yet. what you can do is list here bellow.

What you can do with the addon is:

  1. make the in.txt file

  2. solve / recontruct / solve two phase

  3. set -n

  4. set -d

  5. set -da

  6. set gen

  7. edges

  8. corners

  9. add edges orientation

  10. add corners orientation

  11. add corners permutation

  12. add edges

  13. add corners

  14. add f2l

Things to do:

  1. init_to_current_state

aKS V0.9zip

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